Formation Studio offers dance-based fitness classes. We strengthen the connection between your mind, body and the beat. Formation exists to help you form habits that build you forward. Own your presence, find your power and feel freedom within the music. We are here, moving together, with you.

Formation Digital Team Working out

This isn't your typical fitness program.


Your time is maximized with 30-minute classes. While designed to challenge, movements can be modified to suit personal needs. Three different class styles offer variety or lean into your focus of cardio, strength, or choreography. Each week we'll release a new Power, Freedom and Presence class for your on-demand options. 


Practice allows you to nail the moves and maximize your performance and results as you take more of what you need with each movement. On day one things may feel foreign and it’s supposed to. You’re challenging yourself by introducing something new. By your third class your mind relaxes and you can trust your body and push yourself further. We keep the change coming as you push through your own boundaries.

As they are short and effective, aim to do five classes a week, rotating through your favourites.


Form-Nation is moving together each week. There is power in unity. The beauty in this format is we’re moving collectively and we can be here for you to answer you specific questions and in doing so your question helps the greater community. Ask us in our private members-only Facebook page linked at the top of the page or via email.